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Religion for Atheists

Religion for Atheists - Alain de Botton I have a fascination with religion and what it provides, outside of hope for salvation, and how I might be able to incorporate it in my life. In fact, that's why I will sometimes attach myself to a liberal church that doesn't seem to care much that I think of myself as a pantheist. Since the book dealt with that very subject matter (what religion has to offer for the non-believer), and since I really loved Botton's How Proust Can Change Your Life, I snatched it up in a second when I saw it on display in the bookstore.

Compared to How to Live the Good Life, by Arthur Jackson, I think this is a little more practical, but like Jackson's book, this one delves a little into reshaping society at large, and I am looking a little more for the discussion about the here and now. (Not that we shouldn't have that conversation about reshaping society, but that's just not what I was looking for.)

Although I compared it a little in my mind to Jackson's book (which I have yet to finish and review), I spend most of the time comparing it to de Botton's book on Proust. Unfortunately, I didn't feel this book delivered as well. Maybe de Botton didn't want to inject as much of his wit into this book as he did Proust, but I wish he had. Because of that, I rated Religion for Atheists as an average read. Interesting, but not outstanding.