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Rapture Practice

Rapture Practice - Aaron Hartzler Call me sentimental, but I loved this book. A memoir written in my town by a man who is five years younger than I, dealing with evangelical Christians. I did not grow up in a house like Hartzler. I probably would have committed suicide. (But maybe not. If you grow up in that, it is all you know.) I did, however, adopt some of these attitudes about life from my involvement through a youth group through my church. Instead of being imposed by his parents, I internalized that myself. I quit listening to the "devil music" of my own accord, whereas Hartzler sought it out himself. I didn't have the aversion to TV or movies, though. And the fact that my home was not the source of my brush with evangelism probably kept me from delving too far into it.

So, enough about me...

I thought Hartzler did an excellent job. His writing style is relaxed and easy to read. It just feels honest. So honest. And that makes you want to keep reading to see how he is handling this life of his. I wish it would have gone a little further chronologically into his life. Maybe that will be another book.

I missed him speak at a local Barnes & Noble, but I got a signed copy from him. Now that I've read it, I want to sit down with him for a beer to talk about it.