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Beantown Cubans

Beantown Cubans - Johnny Diaz Although this book had a little charm to it, the author did not deliver well. Unrealistic dialogue that was too descriptive and "on the nose," repetitive passages, and an overuse of character tics made the story too plastic.

An example of the dialogue I can turn to from the end of the book is when the two main characters are having a drink together in Miami. They are discussing three people at another table. The two can clearly see them, but the character makes this comment after talking about two of the three people there: "Besides, there's another guy at the table, the American-looking one with a goatee and light-brown, spiked hair and a platinum necklace. He kind of looks like a former boy band member."

In spite of these problems, the two main characters had charisma that made me like them just enough to read the whole story. I enjoyed their friendship (and secretly wished they'd hook up by the end of the story). I also liked the visits by Carlos' dead mother in his dreams to help him adjust to his new life. I found all that to be sweet, perhaps a little maudlin, but enjoyable.

I don't think I would recommend this book to others.